Value-added & Technology

Haoneng committed to providing customers with value-added and innovative products, knowledge and technology which needed for market success. It is our honor to help our clients achieve the greatest success.

Anti-counterfeit technology

In Hao Neng, current have the technology ability of the anti-counterfeit Appling to trademarks and packaging boxes such as : fluorescence, temperature change, laser holography, 3D display, multi-layer label, digital printing, variable QR code, etc. Customers can choose freely according to product needs.

Intellectual property protection

The safety of Intellectual property protection is very important, Haoneng can provide users with a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies, using a variety of explicit and implicit anti-counterfeiting security measures, mainly involving in: Laser holographic display technology, 360-degree 3D display technology, Invisible encryption ink, Digital Watermark, Variable information encoding and Verification technology so as to provide users with completed product security protection measures.


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