Label & Packing

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Haoneng offers multiple solutions of label and packing which adopted by many world famous brands such as beverage, food, personal care products, pet food packing, chocolate packing, milk packing, soft packing, coffee packing, ect. Haoneng has own IRD team which offer all kinds of customized products.

Paper Products

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We are an enterprise specializing in the production of paper products such as paper cups, paper bowls, paper bags, cartons, etc., which can meet the needs of the majority of consumers and be customized according to customer needs. With professional production and processing and a complete and scientific quality management system, it has been recognized by the industry.

Cooperative Brand

  • SAB
  • 百威中国
  • 青岛啤酒
  • 农夫山泉
  • 三得利啤酒
  • 蒙牛
  • 雪花
  • 海天.webp
  • 嘉士伯
  • 景芝酒业.webp
  • 老干妈.webp