Special ink anti-counterfeiting technology

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1. fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting: colorless, red, blue, yellow, etc.;
2. ink anti-counterfeiting with changing temperature: There are two types of reversible and irreversible, reversible types are: reversible temperature red, yellow, green, blue and black, irreversible types are mainly: red, blue and black;
3. Infrared display ink anti-counterfeiting: an anti-counterfeiting printing technology that can display pattern characters under specific spectral infrared light. It can be changed from colorless to green and red. It has high security and convenient detection tools. Generally, the remote control can be used. Detection
4. ink anti-counterfeiting with light-changing: it is a complex optical interference type anti-counterfeiting ink, can not be printed and copied, it's high safety factor, mainly used for printing with high anti-counterfeiting requirements, such as currency, documents and medicines, printing color blocks present a pair The color is looking at or sideways under natural light. As the perspective of the human eye changes, two different colors are displayed, such as red-green, green-blue, gold-silver, and the like.