ALL perspective 3D stereo display anti-counterfeiting technology

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This technology utilizes Optical micro lens array and Computer image transformation algorithm to transform ordinary two-dimensional images into 3D dynamic stereoscopic display images by using deformation animation technology. It has 360 degree all perspective stereoscopic display, which can be directly recognized by human witness and has strong stereoscopic effect. There are more than 5 kinds of changes in the same position. Due to the nano-scale fine plate-making technology of semiconductor technology, it has high technical content, is very difficult to pirate, and good anti-counterfeiting effect. It was the most cutting-edge of technology level leading position in the world. Now current technology has been applied to the new version of 100 US dollars banknotes forming line. And this kind of technology is an anti-counterfeiting technology developed by Hao Neng and is suitable for high anti-counterfeiting requirements and high value-added products.